Mountain View School is a learner-centered community of changemakers where children are empowered to develop the skills of kindness, creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork. Mountain View School values changemaking, community, identity, and lifelong learning as a foundation for long-term, deep learning and academic growth. At Mountain View, students develop a nuanced understanding of the complexity of social issues and learn to see themselves as agents of change who develop creative solutions to the problems they see in their communities.


Mountain View was founded in 2013 as a progressive, family cooperative charter school option for elementary students founded on the principles of whole-child, constructivist education. Co-located on the Emerson-Bandini campus, the school served students from the Mountain View, Southcrest, and Logan Heights neighborhoods as well as all over San Diego county. The school slowly grew, adding grade levels each year, until becoming a full TK-8th grade school in 2017-2018. In the summer of 2019, a group of parents and community members began working with San Diego Unified School District to become a Pilot School- a district school with additional freedom to innovate. Staff, families, and students agreed that becoming a district pilot school would best allow our school to continue to grow, innovate, and best serve our students and families. On May 12th 2020, our school was officially approved by the Board of Education to become SDUSD's first Pilot School. We are proud to provide a high-quality schooling option for the families of San Diego.

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Changemaking and Social Justice

Mountain View is a leader in innovative and transformative urban public education that supports children as changemakers - individuals with the skill set and connection to purpose that enables them to generate ideas and take initiative to effectively solve problems and drive social change. 

About Our Mascot

Our mascot is an Alebrije, created by staff, students, and families at our school to symbolize the important parts of who we are as a community. During our planning process, members of our community made suggestions for our mascot. Suggestions included:

  • A coyote, to represent thriving in challenging conditions and adapting to the environment, as well as symbolizing cooperation and collectivism as coyotes work together in family groups. 
  • Hummingbird, eagle, raven, phoenix, or butterfly, to represent changemaking, freedom, soaring or rising above.
  • Lion, to symbolize strength, courage, overcoming challenges, and empowerment.
  • Ram, to represent resilience and strength.

As the mascot committee tried to select an animal, someone had an idea: what if we created our own Alebrije. Alebrijes are mythical creatures created from imagination that originated in Mexico City. Our Alebrije has the body of a coyote, because our community has thrived in changing and challenging conditions; wings that represent change, freedom, and rising above; a lion's tail, symbolizing strength and courage; and horns symbolizing resilience and strength. The different aspects of our unique mascot, the Alebrije, reflect the many traits and characteristics of our unique community! 



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